Here you will find some useful tips and explanations of roofing terms.

Your safety is important to us and it should be to you.

If you have any reservations about going up on your roof then don’t do it. Call a professional.

Keep the roof clean. Remove all debris from the surface of the roof. This includes debris that has gathered behind HVAC units, pipes and pitch pans, and speed up roof deterioration.

Check all flashings and make sure that they are not deteriorated and there are no holes in them.

Choosing a Roofer

Keep algae off of the roof surface. Install zinc control strips along the hips and ridges if necessary.

Dab some roof cement under any loose shingle tabs. One dab on either side should do.

Replace any damaged shingles.

Keep all gutters debris free. Make sure that the downspouts are draining properly by water testing them.

Trim back any overhanging tree branches.

Check the open valley metal for rust. Wire brush the rust then prime and paint the metal.

Check the mortar on chimneys and parapet walls, both in between the brick and on top. If it’s damaged or deteriorated, have it tuck-pointed.