Choosing a Roofer

Choosing a roofer can be a stressful process and an expensive one if you get it wrong.

  1. In a 2006 Better Business Bureau national survey Roofing Contractors ranked #2 in the list of requests for information and #16 for complaints with over 8,000 filed.
  2. 80% of roofing contractors nationally are out of business in 2 1/2 years.
  3. The average problem surfaces 5 years after installation. (After the wear in period).
  4. Roofing is only 4% of the new construction cost budget, yet issues raised after construction are related to roofing 70% of the time.


How many years experience does the contractor have and how long has he been running his own business?

Brisbin Roofing has over fifteen years of experience and has been in business since 2002. We have an extensive reference list and will provide details upon request.

Personalized Supervision

Each Brisbin project comes with an experienced Project Manager. The crew that works on your project is led by an experienced crew leader. Your Project Manager will be with you step of the way, explaining what needs to be done and why in simple terms. Any questions or concerns should be directed to your Project Manager.

The Project Manager is also responsible for the final inspection, with you.

Only after this has been completed successfully will the final bill be presented.


Do not make the mistake of accepting the lowest bid because it the cheapest.

Ask for references and check them. Check that the materials to be used are from a quality manufacturer. Did you receive a detailed quote?

Brisbin Roofing is an established business. We will happily share our references, provide detailed quotes with quality materials.

Clean Up

How we leave a project is critical to our reputation within the community.

We meticulously remove all debris from the site and double check to pick up loose nails.

Standard Procedures

We offer pre-painted aluminum drip-edge, valley and chimney step flashing on all of our jobs. In addition, pre-painted turbine vents, ridge vent, air hawks and soffit vents are available.

We also provide radiant barrier decking.


Does the contractor provide you with the manufacturer’s warranty?

Does he provide his own workmanship warranty?

Are both greater than five years?


Last. but certainly not least we believe that Brisbin Roofing offers something all too often lacking in the roofing industry. Professionalism, integrity, a passion for the details and a respect for the clients interests and wishes.